Digital Campaigns

Our proprietary search & deploy technology ensures your search and social budgets are being maximized.

The power of Search & Deploy


Hit Your Audience

Proprietary intelligence technology follows keyword bid prices and deploys your ads to the right audience at the right price and at the right time.


Hyper-Local & National

Our technology and techniques can be deployed at the hyper-local level and at the national level with the same level of service and return on investment.


Optimize Ad Spend

Our proprietary technology only deploys your message to audience members who have shown interest in becoming your customer.

Digital Campaigns

National & Regional

This is best for car dealerships, grocery chains, fitness chains, restaurant franchises, gas station/convenience store franchises, and other businesses who rely on in-store customers.


This is best for insurance agents, lenders, energy & mortgage brokers, lawncare services, general contractors, custom home builders, and other businesses that rely on a hyper-local audience for services.

Real Estate

We specialize in real estate marketing services at the national, regional, and local level. Our real estate clients range from luxury agents in Palm Beach to land brokers in West Texas.

Who we are

Explore America Media (EAM) is a premier media publishing and marketing company in the United States. Our clients range from “Main Street” businesses to Fortune 100 national chains.

Our method has been tested

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